Boat Owner's Responsibilities


(a)  All sailboats and motorboats must be properly and currently registered with bow numbers and stickers properly displayed before utilizing any state marina.  Each year, upon registration, Boat Owner agrees to give the Harbor Master a copy of the boat's current registration card or documentation.

(b)  Boat Owner must store all personal property within or on his/her boat.  Adjacent common dock areas must be kept clean and free of litter, trash and debris,  Attachments and modificaitons to any portion of common area is prohibited unless approved by the Harbor Master.  Storage of flammable materials on docks or in dock boxes is prohibited.

(c)  Upon entering his/her Lease, Boat Owner, in addition to the slip, will receive on (1) parking pass that will be valid for one (1) non-camping vehicle to enter and remain overnight at the park facility.

(d)  All boats must be maintaned in a seaworthy condition and be properly moared with adequate mooring lines and shall not exceed two feet of hverhang.  No reconstruction that would make the boat unseaworthy or unsightly shall be undertaken in the marina.  Boat Owners performing maintenance shall not obstruct piers and/or access to fingers with tools and equipment.

(e)  No vessel moored within the marina shall be used as a place of residence, except as expressly authorized in writing by the Park Manager or Harbor Master.

(f)  PWCs, dinghies and rowboats must be tied in the same assigned slip as the boat on the Lease agreement and together cannot exceed two feet overhang.

(g)  No person shall leave any functioning heating equipment unattended onboard their boat.

(h)  Boat Owner shall immediately notify the Division of the necessity of slip or dock repairs or of any dangerous condition in the marina requiring attention.

(i)  The Boat Owner agrees the Divison shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage to his/her boat or other property, or injury to individuals arising from the Boat Owner's use of a State Park Marina facility and management decisions by the Divison.  The Boat Owner further agrees to indemnify, save harmless and release the Division, State of Utah, including all state officers, agents and employees from and agains any and all loss, damages to property, injury to or death of any person, liability, suites, claims, actions, expenses and proceedings arising from the use of his/her boat or the State Park Marina facility.

(j)  Boat Owner agrees to comply with all Utah boating laws and rules, State Park rules, and marina operating procedures.  Copies of all laws, rules and procedures are available upon request.

Highlights of Utah State Boating Laws:

 Park Rules: 

(k)  Boat Owner may utilize the Unsecured or Secured Dry Storage area upon completion of a Dry Storage Lease form and payment of fees.

(l)  Boat Owner agrees to comply with any "Additional Conditions and Terms" listed within Category #9 of the Boat Slip Lease that are specific to the Boat Owner's lease