Fremont Springs Anchorage


Fremont Springs Anchorage
On the southwest facing Shore of Fremont Island is a spring that bubbles up through the salty waters of the Great Salt Lake. During low water years the springs are out of the water. But at a lake level of 4198 the springs are in about three feet of water. A favorite pastime is to swim effortlessly in the springs giving you somewhat of a sauna feeling. But with the lake so low during the last decade this anchorage and pastime has all but been forgotten.
The Fremont Springs Anchorages is 26 nautical miles sail from the Great Salt Lake Marina so it is a tad far for a day sail. I would make a visit to the springs part of an itinerary for a long weekend. Sail up to Antelope Island Marina on Saturday. Then Sunday morning sail up to the springs and spend a leisurely day there. With permission from the owner you could plan a hike or two on the island before returning to Antelope Island for Sunday Night. And then head back to the Great Salt Lake Marina on Monday with a stopover at Split Rock Bay. If you cannot obtain permission to hike on Fremont consider some other interesting sites such as the Tug wrecks at the East Trescend (check this web site for more information on the East Trescend). Or you might want to sail around the back side of Fremont Island into Ogden Bay.
This anchorage should only be considered a day anchorage and should only be attempted in calm waters. Although the bottom at the anchorage is sandy providing fairly good holding for the anchor, it is exposed to the full fury of the seas and provides little if any protection.
Navigation to Fremont Springs
Navigation to the springs on Fremont Island is very straight forward. Just point the bow NNW on a bearing of 333° and sail 26 nautical miles until you reach the waypoint for the anchorage. In lower water years you may have to keep well to the west of Buffalo Point on Antelope Island to keep clear of the Buffalo Point Reef Complex. 
The waypoint for the Fremont Anchorage (FSprings Anc) is North 41° 08.972’ by West 112° 20.791’ (Based on Datum WGS 84).   At a lake level of 4198’ you should be in 8 to 10 feet of water. This will put you a short 3/10ths of a nautical mile southwest of the springs. With a shallow draft boat you may be able to get a bit closer. But the depth changes rapidly here and there are some large rocks or bioherms as you get closer to the springs.
The Springs
I would recommend kayaking to the springs from the anchorage. Or take a small dinghy with an anchor. Once you reach the springs jump in and enjoy the sauna effect as you swim among the uprising water.
The springs are easy to identify as the water looks like it is boiling. But rest assured the temperature in the middle of summer will be just right. 
The springs are located at North 41° 09.202’ by West 112° 20.595’
The springs are boiling up with bubbles trailing off
Springs boiling up behind Rescue One
Fremont Marina. This is NOT a recommended anchorage.
Too much debris at the mouth and in the marina.
The marina is just southeast of the springs.