Lucas Commentary on GSL Minerals Expansion

     On  Saturday, July 18, Kerry Gibson in his Tribune article, Lobbying for Great Salt Lake Minerals Corp. Drivels about how all of this give-away land will not effect the Wild Life around the lake which is absolute idiocy.  Also about all of the Tax money the State would receive.GSL Minerals are not only wanting the land, but they want our water.  Terry was very careful not to mention the water used to fill these evaporation Lakes.  Terry, for whom do you really work?
    75,000 Acres of land is about 32, 670,000 square feet.  If they fill these with 6 inches of water, they are using 91,645,200 gallons of water.  I don't have any idea of how many times a year they fill these ponds but water 6 inches deep will evaporate much faster than water in a Lake.  Water seeks it's own level and this would literally shrink the lake and in a short time lower the elevation.  Drying up Bountiful's Bird Refuge. Plus , most of the wetlands around the lake.  To get an idea of just what One Million is.  All of the Christmas light-bulbs that lit up Tabernacle Square  last year, only amounted to a little over 3/4s of a Million.  Think, how many gallons of water 91 Million plus would be.
     Another Big Big problem is that of dust.  The prominent Yearly Winds blow from the North West & North.  I am sure you have noticed, every time we get rain, the next day our cars are covered with splotches of mud.  This is in the air we breath in our beautiful city, already loaded with particulate from,  Vehicles, Kennecott, Mag Corp and their Chlorine, Plus The wild-fires in California and Nevada. Add in all of the other Mining  Industries our governing fathers have given away for the almighty Dollar.  We don't need dirtier air. 75,000 Acres of dried up dust from these ponds, is only going to blow to the South and East to the cities of the Wasatch.  We are in a drought anyway, if our Lake that we are known World Wide for, is purposely dried up for the already rich mining Corporations.  We would be without the humidity the Lake gives, The Snow and drinking water , an already overpopulated valley would also dry up.  Please Wasatch Residents, Speak up about these Travesties!
Please Wasatch residents,look at Google Earth and check out the land  already hi-jacked.Those squares at the southwest corneer of the
lake are settling ponds.  Speak up about these travesties.
Thank You for your Consideration.
Don Lucas, Sugarhouse
2007 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, Ut. 84105
        Phone   (801) 486= 8221