Marinas of the Lake

There are several marina's on the Great Salt Lake.  Most are private and are not for public boating without permission from the marina authority.  Utah State Parks operates two marinas on the Great Salt Lake;  Great Salt Lake State Marina and Antelope Island Marina.

Great Salt Lake State Marina can be accessed by Interstate 80, Exit 104

Antelope Island State Park can be accessed by Interstate 15, Exit 332 (Antelope Drive) and then heading west.

All waypoints datum are based on WGS 84

Marinas on the Great Salt Lake
Name North Coordinate West Coordinate Description/Note
GSL Marina entrance from lake 40d 44.099' 112d 12.890' Public marina
Antelpe Is. Marina entrace from lake 41d 03.830' 112d 14.398' Public marina
Farmington Bay launch ramp 40d 56.596' 111d 56.349' Public launch ramp
Freemont Island Marina 41d 08.847' 112d 20.046' Private Dry
Little Valley Harbor 41d 15.273' 112d 29.861' No public access
Little Valley Harbor (SW entrance) 41d 14.782'  112d 30.871' Ship channel
Little Valley Harbor (mid channel) 41d 15.028' 112d 30.312' Ship channel
Little Valley Harbor ship channel 41d 15.254' 112d 29.979' Ship channel
OSI Brine Shrimp Marina 40d 55.038' 112d 31.993' Private
Promontory Marina Entrance (buoy #1) 41d 12.160' 112d 25.645' Private
Promontory Marina Entrance (Marina entrance) 41d 12.160' 112d 25.701' Private
Promontory Marina Barge Dock 41d 12.140' 112d 25.608' Private
Amoco Oil Marina at Rozell 41d 26.158' 112d 39.592' Abandoned Dry
Sanders Marina Lakeside 41d 12.455' 112d 49.917' Private Dry
Sanders Marina Stansbury Is. 40d 55.959' 112d 30.725' Private