NN 2008003


Navigation Notice
Issued by the Great Salt Lake State Marina
Navigation Notice:   2008003
Previous Title:         07-18-08 #1
Subject:                  Missing Buoy, Repaired Buoy
Dated:                    07-18-08
Status:                    Section 1 – Rescinded
                               Section 2 - Rescinded 


Section 1 - This section is rescinded
Deep Channel Buoy #R10 is missing. This is a critical buoy that is right on the edge of the reef outside of the marina. This buoy is adjacent to the warning buoy on the NE corner of the marina breakwall. Please give some distance from all the red nun buoys when leaving and returning to the marina. All these buoys are right on the reef line.
We will try to have this critical buoy replaced by tomorrow morning. Until then, pass the danger buoy within 1 to 2 boat lengths to keep clear of the reef. As a general rule, keep clear of all the red buoys.
Section 2 - This section is rescinded

The red light on Deep Channel #R4 has been repaired and is now working again. It is flashing red at one second intervals (fl R 1”)