NN 2008004


Navigation Notice
Issued by the Great Salt Lake State Marina
Navigation Notice:    2008004
Previous Title:          07-19-08 #1
Subject:                   Deep Channel Buoy R10
Dated:                     07-19-08
Status:                     Rescinded 

This notice has been rescinded and is no longer active 

Deep Channel Buoy #R10 has been replaced. Please keep a fair distance away from the buoys as they are marking a growing, shallow reef. A safe rule would be more than one boat length away.

All the Deep Channel buoys are anchored right near the reef. This causes the chains to grind on the reef when the wind switches to the south. We try to keep these buoys maintained but they do break free on a regular basis. Caution and the use of a GPS may save you from a unintended grounding when one of these buoys drift loose.