NN 2008005


Navigation Notice
Issued by the Great Salt Lake State Marina
Navigation Notice:    2008005
Previous Title:          08-10-08 #1
Subject:                   Reef Channel Buoys - Removal
Dated:                     08-10-08
Status:                     Rescinded 

 This notice has been rescinded and is no longer active

Reef Channel Buoys will be Removed
Both Reef Channel Buoys, R-G1 and R-G3 will be removed on the evening of August 10th, 2008. These buoys are being removed for the rest of the season due to shallow water and hazardous conditions over the reef outside the Great Salt Lake Marina.
DO NOT USE THE PATH OVER THE REEF ANYMORE. It is very shallow with several spots where the reef comes up abruptly.
The recommended path is the Deep Channel Buoys.