NN 2012001

Navigation Notice
Issued by the Great Salt Lake State Marina
Navigation Notice:     NN 2012001
Subject:                     Hazard - Research Buoy
Dated:                       March 10, 2012
Status:                       Active
Coordinates 1:           N 41d 03.698' x W 112d 22.540'
Coordinates 2:           N 41d 09.039' x W 112d 20.858'
The USGS weather monitoring buoy placed at coordinate 1 listed above was destroyed by an ice flow in December 2011.  Part of the buoy complex still remains at the listed coordinates and may be a hazard to navigation.  Stay clear of Coordinate 1 listed above
The buoy itself sunk at Coordinate 2 listed above.  Part of the buoy has been recovered but much of the debris is still at the coordinate and may pose a hazard to navigation.  It is very near the anchorage for Fremont Springs.
We are working with USGS to have both debris areas removod.