Weather & Marine Apps for Smart Phones

Are you a weather geak?  Do you just want to know what the weather is on the lake or what the forecast will by?  Do you want to be able to check conditons and forecasts with your phone on the go?  Below are some apps I have tried and some notes on each app.  Some of the apps are free downloads.  Others have a download cost associated with them.

If you have a weather or marine app that you really like but is not on this list please email the harbormaster at  I will review it and if I like it I will add it to the list.

Feel free to give your feedback or rating of these apps or others by emailing me at the above address.


My Cast by Garmin

This is probably one of my favorite and most used apps.  It icludes some valuable features:

  • Current Conditions (turn the phone horizontal for some great graphic forecasts in this mode
  • Forecast (Seven Day mode, Daily detail, Hourly. High/low temps and chance of precip)
  • Maps (Radar, Weather map, Visible Clouds, IR Clouds Storm Watch, Tropical, Lightning).  *The lightning veature is a very valuable tool for summer when you want to track approaching thunderstorms.
  • Active Weather Alerts
  • Lightning Alerts
  • The option to track weather in several user choice locations

The radar and lightning displays, as well as lightning alerts are well worth the purchase.  I give it five stars *****



This is another awesome app for wind prediction on the lake.  It is a graphic based forecasting model with the following features that apply to Great Salt Lake and other maritime areas:

  • Recent Weather Station observations
  • Wind Graph for areas around Great Salt Lake
  • Wind Observation snapshot
  • Wind Vector Forecast (just like Sailflow wind forecast map)
  • Radar map
  • Satelite map
  • Radar & Satelite
  • General weather map
  • Temperature forecast
  • Comfort index map
  • Pressure/Isobar map (great for seeing wind gradients
  • Thunderstorm potential

If you are planning on sailing on the lake for the day this is a must-have app for forecasting wind.  I give it Five Stars *****


Weatherbug Elite

This is another great app that I have used for many years.  It icludes many of the same features as MyCast by Garmin

  • Current Condtions (temps, feels like, High/Low, UV, dew point, humidity , wind direction and gusts)
  • Forecast (Seven Day mode, Daily detail, hourly, chance of precip, forecasted wind, feels like, humidity
  • Lifestyle forecast (golf, outdoor nature, aches and pains, pollen
  • Map w/ layers (Radar, visible satelite, wourldwide satelite, I.R. satelite, Observations)
  • Weather observation cameras
  • Lightning Alerts
  • The option to track weather in sevearl user choice locations


Living Earth

This is a cool app that shows the earth from space.  Ever been to a planetarium where the have a globe displayed and it shows where the sun is and watch twilight move across the globe?  This is that app.  It shows the earth as it looks from space right now, visible cloud layer as well as where the sun is still shining and where sunset is currently on the globe.

  • There are several globe display options (Clouds, Temp, Wind, Humidity etc)
  • Current Conditions
  • Five day forecast



If you are a true weather geak, and love radar applications, this is an awesome app.  It is great for tracking fronts or thunderstorms and really understanding the energy in storm cells or fronts.  You can look at a multitude of radar options to truely understand cells and fronts.



This is an awesome simple app to track sunrise, and sunset as well as track all the phases of the moon (along with moonrise/moonset) for your location or any other location.


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel App is always a a strong app.  It includes:

  • Map layers (radar, clouds, radar/clouds, temperatures, feels like, 24-hour rainfall, 24-hour snowfall, UV index)
  • Forecast videos
  • Forecast (Current conditions, hourly, 36 hour, 10 day forecast)
  • Social feeds
  • Tropical