Slip Assignment


(a)  Boat owners shall be assigned a slip at the discretion of the Harbor Master or Park Manager in accordance with the size of the boat to be accommodated.  Reassignemtn of a boat to a more appropriate slip is permitted, as need arises, and shall be done according to the requirements of the Harbor Master or Park Manager

(b)  The Lease and the slip assigned therein are non-transferable and non-assignable by the Boat Owner.  The Lease will terminate with any attempted transfer, assignment or sublease of slip assignments between Boat Owners, corporations, partnerships or any combination thereof.

(c)  When all appropriate size slips are rented, a waiting list will be established.

(d)  Other than for transient use, Boat Owner will be allowed only one slip at any single state park marina per year.

(e)  Assigned slips are accepted "as is" upon execution of the Lease.

(f)  The lessee must be the registered owner of the boat, which is to occupy the slip.

(g)  No boat, other than that one assigned to a slip, may occupy the slip unless written permission from the Harbor Master or Park Manager.

(h)  Slip rates shall be determined according to the current Utah Division of Parks and Recreation Fee Schedule.  Boat Owner acknowledges slip rates are subject to change and continued occupancy of the slip requires a current Lease Agreement.