How to Renew (or Apply for) your 2012 Boat Slip Lease



FINALLY!  We now have the Application/Renewal process on-line!


NOTE: When following the instructions below make sure you are reading the information and opening the links to the left for the MARINA YOU ARE APPLYING FOR.  The links to the left are grouped for Great Salt Lake Marina and for Antelope Island Marina

1. Open and read Contract Request Letter located to the left.  It contains helpful information

2. Open and read Useful Information 2012 located to the left.  It contains helpful informaiton

3. If renewing your slip or applying for a new slip, open and print out a hard copy of the Boat Slip Lease located to the left.

  • Fill out all information in section 1.  For slip renewals, the effective date is January 1, 2012.  For applications, the effective date is the date of application.  Please fill out a complete name, address and phone numbers.  Be sure to include an updated email address as this is our preferred method of communication
  • Fill out all information in section 2.  This includes: Bow Number, Hull I.D. number, Manufacturer, Model, Boat Name, Color, Length, Beam, Draft, Insurance Company.  If your boat is Coast Guard documented you will need to provide us with your C.G. Doc, number instead of your bow number.  If you do not know what a C.G. Doc. number is then don't worry about it.  You probably don't have one.
  • Fill out information ins Section 3. This includes Boat Slip Number, along with amount of rent (monthly), the lease effective date, the lease termination date.  The termination date can be left blank.  Lease will automatically terminate on December 31st
  • Read all terms and conditions.  and then sign and date the Boat Slip Lease
  • If you are unsure or do not know some of the required information on Boat Slip Lease please feel free to email the harbormaster at and specify what information you need.  We may have it on file from last year.


4.  If renewing (applying for) a dry storage space, open and print out a hard copy of the Dry Storage Permit located to the left.

  • Please read all terms
  • Fill out all information at the bottom of the permit including: Applicant's name, street address, city, state, zip, rental period, phone numbers, boat number (bow number), hull I.D. number etc.


5.  If you would like us to charge your credit card at the beginning of each month for the rent due, please open and then print out the Credit Card Autopay Form to the left.

  • Fill out the top section.  The amount for summer rates would be the combined amount for all slips and dry storage areas rented.  This would be the same for winter rates.  Refer to Slip/Storage Rates 2012 located to the left for questions on rates.  Or email the harbormaster at for any questions.
  • Do not worry about filling out the amount each month in the provided squares unless you want to specify charges each month.
  • Completely fill out the bottom section including: Name as it appears on the credit card, Signature, Date (of signature), phone number, type of card, complete card number, expiration date, billing zip code.  Failure to provide ALL this information will result in the autopay form being rejected.
  • Provide your slip(s) numbers. Check Secured Dry Storage and/or Unsecured Dry Storage if you are also authorizing payments for spaces you may be renting in those locations.
  • NOTE:  Autopay forms are kept in a secure safe with very limited access.  No informaiton is included on any computer.
  • If you prefer to send the autopay form in without your credit card number, this is fine.  Just call the harbormaster at 801-250-1898 with your number.  It will then be recorded on the form when we receive it in the mail.

6.  Send your Boat Slip Lease, Dry Storage Permit, and Autopay Form 2012 (if you choose to pay by autopay) in the mail to the following address:  Even if you are renewing or applying for a slip/storage space at Antelope Island please send the contracts to the below address.


Great Salt Lake State Marina

P.O. Box 440

Magna, Utah 84044

NOTE:  If you prefer you may scan your documents and email them to


NOTE:  If you have a substantial past-due balance, your Boat Slip Lease and/or Dry Storage Permit  will be rejected.  Any vessel/trailer occupying a space with a sizeable past-due balance must have all accounts cleared up by January 1st, 2012.  If not, vessels/trailers must be removed from the Great Salt Lake State Marina or Antelope Island Marina by January 31st, or they will be considered abandoned and will be seized.

7.  Once we receive your Boat Slip Lease/Dry Storage Permit we will process the form and then send back to your address parking passes, code to the front gate and keys to the gates/restrooms if applicable.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the harbormaster at or call the marina office during business hours at 801-250-1898