Them Brine Shrimp


How 'bout them Brineshrimp

Ain't they fluffy?

They ain't uptight,

They ain't stuffy,

Some are skinny

Some are fat, just swimmin in the lake

Knowing where its at

Them everlovin' Brineshrimp

swimmin' in the Brine,

Havin' themselves a high old time,

Drinkin' all that green lake slime,

Drinkin' that overboard Beer & Wine,

Cleaning the water up,

And Makin' it shine.

They ain't got no future,

Hardly no Past

Swim real slow,

'cause they can't swim.

They don't make no money,

Don't need none,

Just bein' a Brineshrimp

Can be lotsa fun.

If ya ever see a Brineshrimp

floatin in the lake,

'n he jumps up and winks

from your frothy wake,

Salute that Brineshrimp

'cause really ain't no pest.

As far as he's concerned,

He swims with the best.

So swim with a Brineshrimp

if ya wanna feel fine,

He'll show you the Lake.

You'll have a good time.


Don Lucas, 1968