Water Watch Report 09' 10' Season

Water Watch Report Summary for the 2009-2010 Season

Water Watch Report for August 31st, 2010 Water Year 2009 - 2010
Great Salt Lake
Maximum Gust for 2010: 90mph on April 28th, 2010
Maximum Gust for 2009: 89mph on August 6th
Maximum Gust for 2008: 78mph
Maximum Gust for 2007: 104mph
Current Conditions
Current Lake Level 4193.7' & dropping
Gain/Loss for Water Year -0.5' LOSS
Gain Since January 1 -0.8' Loss
Precip. % of Normal for Month %
Precip. % of Normal for Water Year 86%
Precip. % of Normal Since Jan 1. 83%
Snowpack % of Normal for GSL Drainage No Longer Tracking
Snowpack % of Normal / Bear River No Longer Tracking  
Snowpack % of Normal / Weber-Ogden No Longer Tracking
Snowpack % of Normal / Jordan River No Longer Tracking%


2010 Precipitation Report
Monthly Summary Normal Current Percent Summary
October 1.57" 1.18" 78% October failed us.
November 1.4" .20 14% November was a total failure.
December 1.23"  1.35 110% December was a good month.
January 1.37" .32 25% Interesting Month - See analysis below.


 .42 32% Another failed month
March 1.91" 1.9 99% Strong finish.  Ended at average
April 2.02" 2.48 123% Finally a good month!
May 2.09" 2.80 134% Very good month!
June .77" .96 125% Another Very Good Month!
July .72" .09 12% USELESS MONTH
August .76"  1.70 233% Fantastic Month!
September 1.33"  .09  7% Hiddeous Month
Annual 16.5" 13.68" 83% We hit 83% for our Calendar Year goal and 84% of our Water Year goal


Precipitation Summary for the Calendar Year
Normal Annual Precipitation for the Calendar Year (Oct-Sept) 16.5"
How Much Precipitation have we Had So Far (Oct-Sept) 13.68"
What Percent of Annual Precipitation Do We Have For The Year 83%
What was our deficit 2.82"


Precipitation Summary for the Water Year (Oct-May)
Normal Water Year Precipitation 13.02"
How Much Precipitation have we had so far (Oct-May)? 11.15"
What Percent of Annual Precipitation do we have for the year 86%
What was our water year deficit for 2010? 1.87"


Where are we at now:  The water year ended strong.  But the damage was done by March.  We had such a dismal winter.  Especially for the Bear River Drainage where our percent of snowpack was in the 50's by the end of March. Even though we saw encouraging numbers it was just far too little and far too late.

On a normal water year cycle the lake will rise two feet during the spring and drop two feet during the summer evaporation. 

This year we started out the water year lake level at 4194.2 mid November 2009.  We climbed 1.5 feet to a yearly high of 4195.7 in mid June.  We have dropped the normal 2 feet by early October to a level of 4193.7  This is the closest we have been to the historic low of 1963 at 4191.0'

October, Failed us

November:  November is a dismal failure.  It would be hard for November to crawl out of the hole now.  Yet, this last storm did improve numbers somewhat.

December: December delivered.  Not enough to pull us out of our huge deficit for the water year.  But chalk it up in the positive column.  And it was enough to keep our calendar year percentage near normal.

January:  January was a bag of mixed results.  The direct precipitation (a very important factor in our water supply) was dismal.  Yet our snowpack increased 10% during January.  That means December and January delivered an increasing snowpack but January failed to deliver direct precipitation to the lake.  There is hope of pulling this winter out of the abyss.

February: Failed us.  Too many storms went south or disipated when they hit Utah.  Yet, somehow our snowpack remained steady rather than decreasing during the warm weather of February.

March: March was a good month.  We had several good storms to finish out the month on average.  And we have more storms on the way for April.  Snowpack stayed steady rather than decreasing.

April:  A great month for precipitation.  An ok month for snowpack.

May:  Excellent Month!  The month that saved us

June:  Anohter great month!

July: Failed us miserably.  Useless Month!

August: Awesome month!  See a trend here?  It appears we have entered a wet cycle.  Let's hope it stays.

September:  A dismal failure.


What Factors Do We Look For in Our Report?

Precipitation:  Precipitation was well below norma.  This winter was astonishinly poor with hideous snow packs except for the Jordan River Drainage.  But we had a wet spring and summer that mitigated the damage of the winter.  But not enough.

Snowpack:  Incredibly horrible snowpack this winter

Ground Saturation: Ground saturation is devastating.  We hope for a comeback before the winter freeze.

Reservoir Level:  Good shape 


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